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Since Last 21 Years Baati Chokha Serving The 100% Pure Vegetarian And Traditional Authentic Food In Holy City Banaras. Seeing The Popularity And Number Of Requests, Baati Chokha Has Brought The Same Dining Experience To Different Cities Of India. This Is An Excellent And An Inspiring Example For The Restaurant Business In India. Actually, If Indians Invest In Their Traditions, Time Tested Originality, Sharing Their Heirloom Recipes With The World, It Will Give A New Direction To The Myriad Cuisines Of This Country.

Baati Played An Important Role In The War Of Independence in 1857. Its Simplicity Was Said To Be The Real Reason That Many Including The Likes Of Tantia Tope And Rani Lakshmi Bai Made It Their Travel Meal.

Baati Chokha

Baati Needed Very Less Water And Could Be Baked Without Any Utensil. But What Really Worked With Baati Was These Could Stay For As Long As Two To Three Days. “Baati Chokha Is A Great Health Food. It Has Almost Every Nutrient, Including Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins And Calcium.”

A Varanasi Village, Complete With Charpoys, Wall Art Of The Famous Ghats, With Typical Colorful Ornamentation Of Rural Motifs, A Small Shivala (Temple) Near Well, With Music Of World Famous Radio Hit Pared – Old Hindi Songs – Geetmala – With Voice Of Amin Sayani & Film Stars, And The Strong Aroma Of Pure Ghee… Whisk You Away From Busy And Polluted City Life. Bamboo Rafters Overhead, With A Canopy Of Colorful Shamiana, And Tables Well-Lit With Electric Lanterns Add To The Rural Ambience. The Wooden Platters Covered With Lotus Leaves, The Hard Clay Bowls And Kulhars Just Enhance The Rustic Flavour Of The Food. But That’s Not All. The Waiters, Dressed In Payjama-Kurta With Bhashma On Lalat, Bring The Menu Pasted On A Sup. It Is A Reflection Of Hindi Sahitya – Sar-Sar Ko Gahi Rahai, Thotha Dei Uday. It Means Like Sup, The Menu Preserved The Meaningful Things (Healthy Food) And Removed The Meaningless Things (Unhealthy Food). The Traditional Benarasi Delicacies Listed On It Are Prepared By Using Ingredients Brought In From There — Spices, Dried Herbs, Grains, Pulses And Organic Vegetables. The Speed By Which The Food Is Cooked And Delivered To The Tables Justifies Its Claim Of Having One Of The Most Efficient Services.

Baati Chokh Has Created A Life Style In The Vegetarian Theme Restaurant And Has Become An Eating Destination.